Abuse and Addictions Drug and Alcohol Counselling

ABUSE AND ADDICTIONSAbuse and addiction counselling

Addictions such as, gambling, alcohol and drugs problems need to be explored in a slightly differently to other problems by trying to find out why there is a need for the dependency and also to educate in safe practices.

It is a myth that most people who abuse substances do it to get high, it is more often they misuse just to get by. Unfortunately, it is not until they have reached the “bottom of the barrel” will they accept that they need help. The bonus for the counsellor is that this leaves only one direction for the client to go and that is upward.

This, however, does not make it easy, as the client needs a great deal of will and determination to make progress.

Low self esteem, a lack of self worth and depression also go hand in hand with almost everyone involved with addictions, substance or alcohol abuse.

It is the role of the counsellor to explore and look at the options for the client to act upon or not. When successful, it is highly rewarding to see the smile on clients’ faces at the end of a counselling process and see them start to take responsibility for themselves once more.

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